Futwork Futbol

Youth Soccer Training

Futwork Futbol was looking for a striking logo to launch their business and brand. The client offered brands like Nike and Adidas as inspiration and wanted to be able to put the logo on clothing for their customers. The resulting mark exceeded their expectations.


Cyber Security

Cyber security provider CriticalStart was looking for a fresh take on their existing logo. The resulting mark is crisp, clean, modern, and conveys technology, trust, and a legitimacy in the market that their previous logo hadn't achieved. The icon, a stylized "CS," is modeled after a "start" icon, which was a client request.

Ekvall & Bryne


Ekvall & Byrne wanted to revamp their image with a new brand and website. Through several rounds of concepts and variations, they landed on this mark, liking its modern, yet approachable style, and treatment of their existing slogan, "Tried. Trusted."

Trifecta Public Strategies

Public Relations

Trifecta Public Strategies positions themselves as "Proudly Unconventional Communicators," and wanted a logo that would complement this image. The resulting mark is clean, modern, and embodies the attitude of this new public relations firm.


Digital Marketing Consultant

As a new, small web consulting firm, WebPrimacy wanted to establish itself as a leader in web strategies and its ability to build a strong digital presence for its clients. The logo conveys a sense of dominance, but with a modern and technical feel.

J. Martin & Company, P.C.

Certified Public Accountants

Houston-based accounting firm J. Martin & Company, P.C. was looking for a simple, yet professional logo to represent a recent name change. They were pleased with the concept of the stylized abacus, but preferred to keep typography more traditional to better relate to their business clientele.

Radcom Associates

Nuclear Physicists

Radcom Associates wanted a logo with a modern look to convey that they are in touch with cutting-edge technology, methodologies, and philosophies in their field.

Stylish Stems

Floral Designers

Stylish Stems provides custom floral designs for weddings and other events. The icon conveys the simple elegance of a single flower, where the stem and shadow each imply the initials of the company name. This was presented to the client as an initial concept, which they immediately approved without needing to see additional concepts.

Progressive Speech Therapy

Speech Pathologists

When first starting out, Progressive Speech Therapy wanted a simple and visually-interesting logo that portrayed them as being on the cutting edge of technology and modern techniques. The resulting mark achieves this with a contemporary color palette, type treatment, and visual elements that imply sound waves.

E. Barrow Medical Group

Concierge Medical Practice

E. Barrow Medical Group's brand is a dichotomy of modern technology and the traditions of practicing medicine. As a concierge practice, EBMG offers personalized care likened to the small-town doctor who made house calls, but who now uses the latest that medical technology can offer. The logo has a traditional, yet modern flair with the use of positive and negative space to create the initials.

White Space (Concept)

Creative Space

White Space was a corporate collaboration/team-building meeting space with a theme of design and creativity. Meeting rooms were named after famous designers and artists. Guests would often play games or do art activities to spark their creativity and unconventional ideas to apply to their businesses. During the launch planning phase, I was approached to create concepts for an assortment of White Space's branding elements, with this logo serving as the basis of my presentation, which was not ultimately selected.

NM Consulting and Design

CAD Design Services

NM Consulting and Design, or NMCAD, was a start-up CAD consulting company that wanted a professional and modern logo to convey the high-tech nature of their work and add legitimacy to the brand.

Objective Marketing

Marketing Consulting

Objective Marketing was a small marketing consulting firm that promoted data as the foundation to any strong marketing strategy. The logo is formed by simple geometric shapes and positive and negative spaces that create the letters "O" and "M," and a stylized telescope that implies the journey the clients take to meet their objectives.

Opal Lawrence Estates

Residential Neighborhood

The Parkview neighborhood changed its name to Opal Lawrence Estates to more closely tie it to the adjacent historical house and park. Simple and stylized, the icon depicts a prominent architectural feature of the house, while a more traditional typeface rounds out the historic look.

US Personnel

Corporate Staffing

US Personnel was a national corporate staffing firm that wanted to modernize their brand to appeal to a larger audience of corporate customers. The new logo accomplished this and complemented their existing slogan, "Freedom to Focus."

Home Again (Concept)

Home Furnishings

This logo concept for Home Again, a home furnishings store, highlighted the store's seasonal offerings with a modern design and earthy color palette.