Brandt Engineering

Building Overview Brochure

After remodeling their office/warehouse space, Brandt Engineering requested a brochure showcasing the green construction innovations and methods used. The finished piece was popular with visitors and employees alike, who took pride in the building and their company's environmentally-friendly philosophies.


Direct Mail

Netrake requested a direct mail piece to introduce a new version of an existing rack-mounted networking product that was more compact and had a smaller footprint. This "little brother" was just as powerful and feature-rich as its older "big bother." I developed the piece from content to completion, including writing the following top-level copy:

Cover: Just got a wedgie.
Panel: From his little brother.
Inside Center: Don't let the small frame fool you — this little brother is tougher than you think.
Inside Right: So is this one. Netrake introduces the nCite™ SE. This little brother means business.

Misha Williams Fitness


After starting his career in the corporate world, Misha Williams branched out on his own to pursue entrepreneurial projects, including a personal training venture called Misha Williams Fitness. While he already had a logo, Misha approached me to create a brochure to help launch his new business that would offer personal training, fitness boot camps, nutritional counseling, and image consulting.

Misha Williams Fitness

Handout Card

To further support the launch of Misha Williams Fitness, Misha requested a smaller takeaway piece that he could distribute in different ways to potential clients.

FRV (Fuel Rewards Vehicle)

Vehicle Wrap

The Fuel Rewards® program saves consumers money on fuel with everyday purchases. The FRV was a promotional vehicle used at events to build excitement around the program and advertise while on the road. The project also entailed creating the base vector drawing of the RV from photographs.

Misha Williams Matchmaking


After the success of Misha Williams Fitness, Misha saw the potential for a membership-based matchmaking & dating service that catered to busy professionals. This service would integrate components from the fitness and personal training business as avenues for connecting professional singles.

Valor Telecom

Monthly Newsletter

Chosen from a group of candidate designers, I was contracted for two years to design the template for and produce the monthly issues of the Valor Telecom Times. Content and images were provided each month by the marketing department. I developed each month's layout, coordinated the necessary approvals, and provided print-ready files for production.

airBand Communications

Holiday Card

Start-up airBand was looking for a playful, yet sophisticated holiday card. I felt their logo naturally lent itself to holiday decorations. The CEO felt it was one of the most interesting corporate holiday cards he'd seen.


Data Sheet Template

In addition to developing the logo for CriticalStart, I also created other branding and marketing elements, such as this data sheet template on which a series of sheets was based.

Universal Flooring

Flooring Sample Labels

Universal Flooring needed new labels that adhered to the backs of flooring samples, which entailed the design and production of different versions for multiple styles and sizes.


Pocket Folder

I designed this pocket folder for Netrake based on the branding of their flagship nCite product line.

Kimberly J. Munson, Attorney


I developed this simple, cost-effective brochure for a small, newly-formed law firm, for which I also designed the logo.

Objective Marketing

Telecommunications Survey

Objective Marketing was driven by the collection and use of data in developing intelligent marketing strategies for its clients. This brochure promoted a survey that served as a collection point for data that would allow telecommunications customers to "Know where they stand" in the industry.